Digital Signage

We have extensive experience in integrating Digital Signage projects ranging from essential scenario content and technical blueprints, right up to installation and support.


Soulco – Digital Signage Software

  1. Centralized, web-based solution, designed to deploy a
    professional Digital Signage strategy for multiple locations
  2. Intelligent and easy-to-use interface to update your messages in real-time
  3. Future-safe functionality, customized to your specific needs and branding requirements
  4. Centrally-managed plug-and-play devices

Some of our Digital Signage Apps

Social Media Integration

  • Gets viewers more involved
  • Generates automated content from social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
  • Free word-of-mouth marketing for your brand
  • Balances your promotional content
  • Offers a great platform for feedback

Face Recognition

  • Our Image recognition software can determine gender, age, mood, style, etc.
  • You can change the broadcasted message depending on the identified profile
  • Additionally, incorporating a camera in the digital signage display allows for capturing detailed metrics on the effectiveness of your marketing campaign

Queuing Management System

  • It allows you to organize your customers in an efficient and effective way on the basis of smart and intelligent business
  • Minimize your cost of service, waiting time and customer turnover
  • Maximize your productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction


Allows viewers to interact with the image on the screen in a straightforward and intuitive way (e.g. content changes with a person walks by)

  • more viewers will look at the interactive content against broadcasted videos
  • dwell time will increase by 30%