The solution as designed by Soulco is meant to implement a network that is scalable (easy to add an additional site or service), resilient (sending data over an alternative path dynamically), private (ensures mission-critical traffic is segregated from other enterprise and public Internet traffic), and flexible (allows for tailored solutions that best fits each site’s specific bandwidth and redundancy requirements, and communication needs).

All these are aimed at delivering critical services such as Voice, Video, Data and Service Applications, to the government ministries, agencies and departments (MDAs), across the country, fast and securely. The solution is based on an MP-BGP and MPLS-VPN Solution for traffic segregation and security at the Network Core and County Edge delivered via Enterasys routing and switching devices, SDH Transmission for physical connectivity between Network Core and the counties via the country’s national fiber-optic network (NOFBI), Last-mile connectivity using IP-based Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol radio systems and fiber optic cables to connect the different MDAs to the network. Voice service is delivered via Siemens HiPath Communication System and Video Service via Clear sea application.