Ministry of Interior

  • 10 Districts equipped with innovative communications systems solutions (OS4K & OSB)
  • More than 8000 Users
  • UC, Networking and Mobility Applications

The Wilaya of Biskra’s voice solution is the pilot project of the Algerian Ministry of Interior. The Wilaya geographical districts are organized as follow: the central office in Biskra city, 10 Dairas (districts) and 33 Communes (sub districts).

The central office includes the main system which is based on two redundant CPUs that provides high availability service for the local shelves as well as for the remote gateways. The local shelves include 4 AP3700 which manages 800 ports (IP, Digital, Analog and mobile DECT).

The district systems includes 5 IPDAs 3700 IP which each one manages 100 ports (IP, Digital and Analog)

The sub district system includes one Access Point AP1120.