Notification and Warning system for Middel East Oil Refinery (MIDOR)

Soulco Jointly with US Company American Signals offered to MIDOR (The largest oil refinery in Egypt) a fully integrated Notification and Warnings system, a reliable solution that meets MIDOR hazard communications needs. Soulco team in Egypt in cooperation with American Signals specialist provide detailed system integration planning, detailed project scope layout, and coordinate the interface to existing equipment, and develop layouts necessary for new equipment with American Signal products ensuring complete and reliable warning, public address and inter-communications to meet MIDOR project goals.

In Mass notification and alarming systems no other plant communications system can measure up to the command and control capabilities of the CompuLertâ„¢ software of American Signals, for this Soulco Egypt used this system to provide a solid solution for notification and public address covering a hazardous area more than 3 million square meters, that represent MIDOR oil Refinery north of Egypt.